July 10, 2017

camping at night!

Me, Hucksley, Carver, Mom, Dad, came camping. We saw rabbits, we saw a whole family. We went fishing, I got blue fin, Hucksley got a fish I don't know what kind fish. Dad got bass
because he used are fish what we got him. But it was not big enough for all of us, But dad took a
picture of it. It was so hot we sweated so much. The sun kept getting us. At night we looked at
the stars and moon it was so bright because it was full moon! 

April 22, 2017

A cat and the dog

There was a dog that was mean. And he never said sorry when he bit the cat that never hurt anyone. She was really nice to animals. but the dog was really angry at the cat. So bit the cat so hard. The cat cried.
 The dog did not care at all. He walked away without even a little worried what he did to the cat. So the cat tried to walk. But the cat could not walk! so she mewed all day until it was morning. They saw the blood all over. They called the doctor. The doctor said "it will heal tomorrow" the cat thought to go tell the dog to say sorry. So the cat went. The dog got sacred. The cat showed the wound. The dog said sorry. Then they became friends. THE END!           

March 24, 2017

The Magic Dish

There was a little girl. She said that she would get strawberries. So Mom gave her some food. She went
off to get some strawberries. But she heard a clink! she stepped on a very nice dish. But it got fixed all
by its self. then it made some food. She was very amazed what it did. She thought she could sell it.
But then she thought they can have food if she did not sell it. So she took it without picking any strawberries.
She showed the Mom and Dad the magic dish. They were so amazed! You would be amazed if you got
a magic dish. Would you? They got a lot of food, they sold some food too! They were a happy family!
the end!      

February 25, 2017

My dad used a stick to tune a piano!

 My dad tried to use a stick to tune a piano. We had to be very quiet when dad is tuning the piano. He gets angry if we be loud. So we be as quiet as possibly. I love DAD so much he is a hard worker. I wished that
DAD could stay home. but we need money so DAD has to go to work.we all have to work for each other its very nice to work for each other. Do you work for your family? well i think you are a great MOM.
thank you for reading this!

February 20, 2017

The Cat and The Mouse

The cat saw a mouse. The mouse saw the cat and the cat ran away as fast as she could! But the mouse said, "That's weird." But the cat came back. She said "i am very sorry for running away," she said. Very quietly the mouse said, "It's okay." She said, "Thank goodness!" The mouse went to take a walk. The cat joined with mouse. But a fox saw the mouse. He thought the mouse was yummy! He forgot that his friend was there! Well the cat saw the fox. She stood up for her friend and she scared her unfriend. and they lived happily ever after.
The end       

February 06, 2017

I love cats!

I love cats. They very soft. They have fur. They are cute too! Sometimes they can be in your play time. Do you love cats? Well, I love cats. I had a cat too! One was very bad - it was orange and white. Then we gave that one away. Then we bought a tabby. It was black and gray. That's how I loved cats. There are some that are so very hairy that I think they need a hair cut! I mean it. There are some that have no hair. They look weird when you see their eyes. Thank you for reading this story about cats and remember that my name is Sierra! I love cats too!
That's the end of the story!  


February 05, 2017

The fox and the chick

The fox was very hungry! but he saw a chick then he had a plan. He crept up to the chick. the chick shouted "help!" all the chickens looked at the chick then they saw the fox they slammed the door very hard and locked the door but not his mom she saved her chick from not getting hurt she wold always come to save
her chick. He was happy that he had a brave mom. the next day the fox was even hungrier then he had
anther plan he dressed as a girl but his mom was busy that she didn't see the fox. So fox went to chick.
he said. "Hi little chick!" but he said. "I am not little!" he said then fox said. "sorry for saying that" then he
tore his clothes! and the chick screamed all over the barn the mom heard his scream she saved her chick
from the fox and killed the fox and lived happily ever after.                       
 The end.

February 03, 2017

the clever sheep.

the farmer was late to feed the sheep. And you know why? It was because he is sleepy! He was sleepy because he stayed up all night partying. Well lets get back to the sheep. The sheep very hungry the clever
sheep had a plan he said" lets get the ladder then we can clime on the ladder! But we have hooves not hands  we cannot clime the ladder because we are sheep not humans!" They said. But then he had another plan
he said we can use stairs so we can get up for food then we wont be hungry! and they said  "yes!" The farmer woke up and went to feed them. He saw them eating. the farmer said. "What is all the this nonsense! But then they said. "baa!" and they lived happily ever after.        the end.

December 31, 2014

December Highlights

Currently reading to the kids:
Charlotte's Web (I gave up somewhere along the way and let them watch the movie.)
Gospel of Mark

Continuing catechism from Piper's Child's First Book of Question and Answers.
Hucksley is learning The Lord's Prayer. (Sierra already knows it.) 

Language arts for Sierra included:
100 Easy Lessons - we're taking it nice and slow, taking time off from the lessons to read easy readers from the library. These included
- Do You Like These Boots?
- Fred and Ted's Road Trip
- Pete the Cat
- Chicken Said "Cluck!"

Writing for the older kids is one page from Kumon Upper Case (Hucksley) and Lower Case (Sierra) letters.

Math U See - subtraction is still relatively new but does not cause tears. The older children do two pages a day from the Alpha workbook. Some mental arithmetic has been introduced. Children are learning weighing and measuring from math apps. Learning ways to make 10.

We took Christmas week off. Hucksley turned 5. Older children performed in church choir for the Christmas program. 

November 29, 2014

November 2014 Highlights

This was the month we experimented with "unschooling," at least as I understood it. I flirted with the idea of writing an entire blog post about unschooling and how I came to the conviction that it is not how I envision raising my children and how many aspects of it are too unbiblical to be able to incorporate into a true Christian education and upbringing, but, alas! I have no time for such an endeavor. Suffice it to say then that for now our homeschool can be delight driven to some degree as long as the strong emphasis remains on Bible, language arts and math.

With that said, much of November consisted of field trips. It was a great time of year for such a thing with the great weather. There was the Sacramento Zoo where we heard a real lion roar (reminded me immediately of Aslan in The Chronicles of Narnia) and the Sacramento Children's Museum.

We also went to see the monarch butterflies in Santa Cruz, concluding our unit study of butterflies. We combined a much needed family vacation with it and the kids had a blast and spent some time with their grandfather, who is an entomologist and had a lot to tell them about the monarchs. We brought home some milkweed to plant in our front yard, which is currently under landscape construction - is that a term?

Sierra's life skill's education continued with gusto this month as well. She learned to do laundry, make scrambled eggs (with supervision).

Related to the above conviction I mentioned, we have had many opportunities for character building, which I am especially grateful to the Lord. Even though it was hard to be corrected and harder yet to correct the children in the path they were headed, especially Sierra, I was glad that it came early enough and that we had the opportunity.

This was the month I introduced subtraction to the older children. Oh yes, there were tears. But I assured them they would be subtracting like champs in a few months.

Bombie's reading from 100 Easy Lessons continues. Easy Readers from the library are such a blessing. Hymn of the month: (all the way through Christmas) Come Thou Long Expected Jesus.

November 26, 2014

October Highlights

Since I'm far, far behind on updating this blog, here are some highlights from our October homeschool sessions. We finished reading our second chapter book James and the Giant Peach and watched it on Netflix. The kids seemed quite jarred by the fact that the movie didn't follow the storyline of the book closely. I much preferred the book myself. Nevertheless, it was quite exciting to read the book and watch the movie. (Don't be fooled by the slump. That's how they watch TV.)

October also marked a time of refusing to use manipulatives in solving math problems. Especially Sierra. She wanted nothing to do with the units in Math-U-See. So we experimented with other manipulatives. Here we are using plastic flowers. She has since settled on (uncooked) macaroni. Hucksley loves the green units.

There was also in October in addition to the usual math and reading a visit to the pumpkin farm, which they loved.

And there was fall decorating, which Sierra especially undertook with gusto!

We went on our first official nature walk, found the seed of a magnolia tree, planted it, talked about seeds, seasons and pinecones and how God sustains not just various trees but other plants and animals in and around the trees as well and how nothing is lost in God's economy and how God has given men dominion over every other living thing. Then we spray painted some pine cones and, you guessed it, decorated the house with them some more.

The weather was perfect, so painting was on the menu - since it's too stressful to do inside the home.

The older kids got a new chore chart with a new "chore" of 2 pages of math each day. And it worked!

Also, my dear daughter, now 6, learned how to do laundry.

And there you have it. October 2014.